Why choose Nordic Patent Institute?

Prior art searching (patent and non-patent) for businesses and IP law firms.

Nordic Patent Institute performs patent search and analysis on a commercial basis.

To perform these searches we have specialists covering all technical fields.

We utilize the competences of the patent examiners in Danish and Norwegian Patent Offices. The examiners are all highly skilled PCT-examiners with extensive experience in searching patent and non-patent literature.

The searches are performed using the best international patent databases and non-patent literature databases available.

By choosing Nordic Patent Institute as your search provider you get:

  • 150 highly skilled PCT examiners at your disposal 
  • Personal contact with the examiner
  • Best patent and NPL databases available, i.e. full text patent databases, added-value databases (e.g. WPI) and specific databases (e.g. for computer engineering and chemical structures) 
  • Examiners with multi-language skills
  • High quality searches based on our experience and your needs
  • Unique competences in FTO searches for chemical structures and bio-sequences
  • A high value search report    

All our searches are customized to suit your needs, and to ensure a very high quality and cost effective standard. We perform the searches in very close contact with our clients.