Where to file your PCT application?

Nordic Patent Institute acts as ISA and IPEA for nationals and residents of its member states (Denmark, Iceland and Norway) and for nationals and residents of Sweden.

Requests for Nordic Patent Institute to act as an ISA should be filed at the Receiving Office of the Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian  or Swedish Patent Offices, or at the International Bureau of WIPO. Applicants filing at one of the national Receiving Offices must use the office in the country of which they are a national or resident. The two-letter code for using Nordic Patent Institute is XN.

Danish residents: 
More information in Danish on the Danish Patent and Trademark Office website

Norwegian residents: the application form must be completed in English, but the description and claims may be written in either Norwegian or English.
More information in Norwegian on the Norwegian Industrial Property Office website

Icelandic residents:
More information in Icelandic on the Icelandic Patent Office website

Swedish residents:
More information in Swedish on the Swedish Patent and Registration Office website

IPEA: Demands for Nordic Patent Institute to act as an IPEA should be filed directly at the Institute at the address in Taastrup, Denmark. See contact information.