Nordic Patent Institute launches new website

We are happy to announce the launch of a new website for Nordic Patent Institute.

As Nordic Patent Institute continues to grow and evolve, we were of the opinion that our website should evolve as well. The process of developing the new website has been a close cooperation between the Nordic Patent Institute staff, as well as the highly competent experts of the patent offices of the member states. It has been a long process but we are finally there.

We have also listened closely to our clients and have added new features to try to meet their needs. One of the most interesting new features is our “Secure File Exchange” system, which allows our customers to communicate and share files with us in a highly secure manner.

Some of the new features are:

  • A fresh, new design for easy navigation
  • Better viewing in mobile devices such as tablets and notebooks
  • Well defined spilt between our two business areas: PCT and Patent Search Services
  • Connections to social media
  • Fee calculator for PCT, providing a simple overview of the fees for various PCT filing routes
  • Secure File Exchange – a secure way of sharing files and communicating with our customers, a system based on a locally hosted SSL-enabled web server (HTTPS).

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions concerning the website, or if you have a request or questions about our services, please send us an email ( give us a call +45 4350 8500.


  • Did you know that by using the Global PPH system, a positive PCT report from Nordic Patent Institute can give you the possibility of fast-tracking a corresponding application at 16 other patent offices?
  • Did you know that for a small additional fee, we can add a claim chart to your validity search report, conveniently mapping the relevant references against the claim features for clarity purposes?
  • Did you know that both the Norwegian and the Danish Patent Offices, which perform all searches for Nordic Patent Institute, have over 100 years' experience with patent searching?
  • Did you know that when carrying out their PCT searches, our examiners always search Nordic (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish) material?
  • Did you know that in validity searches performed by Nordic Patent Institute, references of particular relevance or obviousness-type references were found in about 70 % of the tasks given to us?
  • Did you know that we have started PCT-PPH pilot projects with USPTO and JPO allowing applicants who have chosen Nordic Patent Institute to request a fast-track examination at the USPTO and JPO?
  • Did you know that in certain cases Nordic Patent Institute will refund up to 50 % of the PCT search fee paid by the applicant, if the results from an earlier search can be used to reduce the extent of the ISA search?
  • Did you know that all our examiners are educated at an MSc level or higher, that they have extensive patent examiner training and can search in minimum English, French, German, and the Scandinavian languages?
  • Did you know that when carrying out the prior art searches our examiners have access to more than 850 databases?
  • Did you know that the combined languages skills of our examiners bring our searching fluency to over 30 languages?
  • Did you know that all the prior art searches done by Nordic Patent Institute are performed by the highly qualified and experienced PCT examiners at the Danish and Norwegian Patent Offices?
  • Did you know that our examiners spend about 60 % of their time examining patent applications and 40 % of their time providing prior art searches and assessments to businesses and IP law firms?
  • Did you know that when it comes to the timeliness of ISAs in transmitting ISRs, Nordic Patent Institute has from the beginning been among the best ISAs?
  • Did you know that Swedish nationals and residents can use Nordic Patent Institute as an ISA and/or IPEA when filing a PCT application?